Annapurna is dedicated to the oneness-world vision of Sri Chinmoy.
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Daily Homemade Soup
Please call for details.
Bowl $3.95      Cup $2.75

Dinner of the Day
Please call for details. No substitutions please.
Regular $8.75      Large $10.75

French Onion Soup
Served with croutons, cheddar & parmesan cheese

Bowl $4.50     Cup $3.25


Pita Pizza $3.50
Basic: Homemade tomato sauce &
rennetless cheddar cheese
Choice of toppings: broccoli, green pepper,
mushrooms & onions. Each
, add $1.00

Falafel Plate (v)

Crunchy chickpea patties served with
tahini sauce, pita bread & salad with
herbal dressing
Large: $5.75      Small: $4.25

Tofu Burger (v) $8.25
Sizzling spicy tofu with lettuce, tomato,
dijon mustard in a chappati with
salad & choice of dressing

Chef’s Salad
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber,
shredded carrots, beets and zucchini
Large: $7.50 Regular: $5.95

Mixed Bean $3.95
Beans, tomatoes and green peppers marinated in olive oil, spices and soy sauce.

Raita $3.95
Cucumbers and tomatoes in yoghurt, dill and cumin

Greek Salad
Greens, kalamata olives, tomatoes, onions and feta cheese with olive oil and red wine vinaigrette
Large $9.50     Small $7.50

Tofu Salad $9.50
Large chef ’s salad with seasoned tofu
and sesame seeds (choice of dressings)

Avocado Salad $8.50
Large chefs salad with half avocado
Bowl of Three $7.50
Healthy serving of each of the above

Combination Plate $9.25
Larger serving of three salads
With bread & cheese or seasoned

House Dressings
Seasoned yoghurt
Olive oil vinaigrette


Vegetable Macro Plate (v) $9.95
Organic brown rice with steamed vegetables
& ginger marinated tofu topped with nori and sesame seeds

Steamed Vegetables & Seasoned Tofu
Topped with nori & sesame seeds (v) $8.95

Steamed Vegetables and Brown Rice Topped with sunflower seeds (gf) (v) $8.95

Organic Brown Rice or Basmati Rice Bowl $2.95
Cup $2.25

Steamed Vegetables
Topped with sunflower seeds
Large: $7.95      Small: $5.50
Above served with:
Cheddar cheese or
Mushroom sauce add $1.95
Tahini-mayo dressing add $1.50

Seasoned Tofu (v) $3.95
with Nori & Sesame Seeds

Broccoli Bowl $4.50
With sunflower seeds & lemon

Bhajia (gf) (v) $5.95
Crisp vegetables (onion, potato, broccoli & cauliflower) dipped in spicy chickpea batter, deep fried and served with tamarind chutney

Bonda (gf) (v)
Gingery potato & vegetable balls dipped
in chickpea batter, deep fried and served
with coconut chutney
Large $5.95     Small $3.95

Samosas (v)
Spiced vegetables wrapped in pastry, deep fried and served with tamarind chutney
Two $3.50      One $1.95

Pappadum (gf) (v) $1.00
Large crispy, spicy wafer made with
urid lentils

Chappati $1.25
Warm unleavened bread made of
durum flour

Masala Dosai (gf) (v) $7.95
Crepe made of rice & urid lentils filled
with spicy potato-onion masala and
served with coconut chutney and
sambar (optional)

Plain Dosai (gf) (v) $4.50
Dosai served with coconut chutney
and sambar

Ghee Dosai $5.50
Dosai cooked in ghee, served with
coconut chutney and sambar

Egg Dosai (gf) $7.95
Dosai cooked in ghee, two eggs,
fresh coriander, served with
tamarind chutney and sambar

Broccoli Cheese Dosai (gf) $9.95
Crepe made of rice & urid lentils served
with feta or cheddar cheese and tamarind chutney

Potato Masala
(gf) (v) $4.75
Spicy mashed potatoes and onions
with fresh coriander

Sambar (gf) (v)
Red lentils cooked with vegetables
and spices
Bowl $4.25      Cup $2.95

Idli & Sambar (gf) (v) $7.50
3 steamed dumplings made of rice & urid lentils floating in sambar

Idli & Chutney (gf) (v) $5.25
3 steamed dumplings made of rice &
urid lentils served with coconut chutney

Rice & Sambar (gf) (v) $6.50
Choice of brown or basmati rice with sambar

Sagu (gf) (v) $5.95
Spinach & mixed vegetables in coconut
spice sauce

Annapurna Sampler (for one) $9.95
Sagu, potato masala, sambar, yoghurt,
pickle, chappati, pappadum & basmati
or brown rice

Small Chef Salad $3.25

Half Avocado $2.25

Ghee (1 oz) $1.25

Durum or Rye Bread (slice) $0.75

Nori $0.75

Sunflower Seeds $0.75

Cheddar or Feta Cheese $2.25
Bread & Cheese $295

Mushroom Gravy

Pickles or Chutney $0.95

Yogurt (cup) $3.25     (4 oz) $2.00

All Dressings (2 oz) $1.50

Fresh Vegetable Juice $3.75
Choice of: Carrot, Celery, Beet, Ginger & Apple

Fruit Frappe (v) $4.50
Delicious blend of fresh & fresh frozen fruit

Iced Tea $3.75
Choice of Herbal or Black

Iced Chai $4.25

Iced Soy Chai (v) $4.25

Organic Soy Milk (v) $2.75

Apple Cider $2.75

Bottle Green $3.25
Lemongrass, elderflower, cranberry-orange,

Black River Nectars $2.75
Grape, Mango, Cranberry

100% Pomegranate Juice $2.75
Not from concentrate

Natural Ginger Beer $3.25
Lassi $3.50
Yoghurt, rosewater, cardamom & sugar

Mango Lassi $3.95

Jeera (Salt) Lassi $3.50
Yoghurt, cumin, fenugreek leaves &
fresh coriander
Yoghurt Fruit Smoothie $4.50
Sweetened with honey
Also available with soy milk

Your choice of blueberry, mango, peach,
strawberry or banana

Tiger’s Milk $4.50
Yoghurt, banana, carob, nutritional yeast, honey & cinnamon

Toronto’s Original Masala Chai $3.25
Assam tea & milk heated with spices

Soy Masala Chai $3.25

Fair Trade Organic Coffee $2.95
Medium-dark made in French Press

Decaf Columbian Coffee $2.95

Spiced Apple Cider $3.25

Herbal Teas $2.50
Lemon Ginger, Chamomile, Wild Berry
Zinger, Rooibos & Peppermint

Black Teas
4-Star Red Rose, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Assam

Oriental Teas $2.50
Genmai Cha (Green with roasted rice),
Jasmine, Kukicha

Note: Our drinking water is filtered

  Fruit Crisp $4.75
Check with your server daily
Add a scoup of icecream for: $2.00

Chocolate Tofu Mousse Pie (v) $4.25

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin $2.95

Carob Balls (gf)
Peanut butter, honey, carob, raisins, sunflower & sesame seeds

Carrot-Spice Cake (v) $4.50

  Tartufo $4.75
Gelato with assorted flavour centres:
Devil’s Chocolate Mango
Devil’s Chocolate Raspberry
Caramel Vanilla
Mango Banana

Vanilla Ice Cream $4.50



Cranberry-Orange $1.95

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Almond Butter $1.50

Double Chocolate (v)

Cashew Cookies (v) $1.95

Chocolate Hazelnut Bars

Cupcakes (v)
Vanilla, Chocolate-Lavender,

Cakes broght in $1.00 serving surcharge per person.

(gf) Gluten Free       (v) Vegan

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